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To take part in GGCS, a teacher will need to register to run a Club at your school. Let up to three teachers know you'd like them to run a Club by filling in their details below. We'll get in touch with them on your behalf!

What is Girls Go CyberStart?

Girls Go CyberStart (GGCS) is a fun, free extracurricular program that brings girls across the US together to learn cybersecurity skills.

Whether you already love hacking or have never tried it, GGCS lets you work in a team with friends to learn amazing new skills. As part of a GGCS Club, you'll learn how to beat the hackers with skills like cryptography, open-source intelligence gathering, Python and much more! As well as winning prizes for your school, top students will have the chance to earn cash prizes and compete in a national Capture the Flag competition.

To get involved, you'll need a teacher at your school to form a GGCS Club. So, tell your teacher about GGCS today and start your cybersecurity journey!

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"I never thought that GGCS would change my life so much! I now have a bright future studying computer science at college on a STEM scholarship."

Anna O, Raleigh North Carolina